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This is the page where you learn about us and our business:

TCLA Safety is short for “Terraemotus Custodis Life and Asset” Safety. The first two words are Latin and Greek, respectively. “Terraemotus” is Latin for Earthquake, and “Custodis” is Greek, for “guardian” or “custodian”. The full meaning of our name can be summed up in our pithy mission statement:

“Whether in the workplace or at home, our aim at TCLA Safety is to have a solution to let you sleep better at night.”

That’s it.  That’s the whole mission statement. And that’s where we got our name. We admit, it’s a pretty big name to live up to.  It is our continuing goal to do so.


When a disaster strikes your home or business there are critical seconds which make the difference between saving or losing lives and assets. TCLA Safety is a developer of smart building sensors and systems that allow you to be alerted to an upcoming disaster in those few moments when action is so crucial.  It gives you the opportunity to shut down electrical, gas, water and other systems in a building just before an earthquake hits. It warns of approaching damage from construction equipment when nearness is an issue. Water and gas leaks can be detected before catastrophic failure occurs. Our sensors tell you if you need to apply safety procedures by warning of potential landslides. They can even monitor bearing wear in engines and turbines to determine if something needs to be replaced, before failure occurs.


Kent Johansen, Cand. Polyt, M.Sc.

Engineer: Sensor systems/DSP/Electronics/Network; CTO of TCLA Safety

Kent is a dynamic, innovative professional with 28 years of international experience in Scandinavia, UK, Canada, US, Mexico and Far East. He also has extensive hands-on experience with electronics and hardware design, as well as  embedded programming, PC and mainframe programming, internet protocols, numerical methods, optics, computer vision and video technology.

He was involved in developing the interactive CDR/DVD concept and the JPEG standard.

Kent also has additional experience and training in geology, mineralogy, thermodynamics, aeroplane construction, fluid mechanics, material science, biotechnology, genetics, chemistry, engine construction, ceramics, control & servo technology, remote sensing, aerospace and deep sea electronics.

For 20 years he has taught and tutored others at university level in subjects such as advanced thermodynamics, computing, image analysis, aeroplane construction and micro-controller construction. He has been a glider plane instructor for 10+ years.

Friends and colleagues know him as an energetic and interesting lecturer and speaker.

Kent has the ability to rapidly achieve organizational integration, assimilate job requirements and employ new ideas, concepts, methods and technologies. He has always been an energetic and self-motivated team player/builder. He is effective in work situations where an ability to manage multiple and concurrent responsibilities is required.

His highly intuitive/creative problem solving methods using his extensive knowledge of various fields of research makes him a valuable asset in any field.

Exceptional communication, interpersonal, intuitive, administrative, organizational, problem solving and leadership skills gives him the ability to work efficiently in both independent and team environments.

Kim Lundquist

President of TCLA Safety

Kim Lundquist is president and co-founder of TCLA Safety Inc. Prior to this position he was a senior field applications engineer at Analog Devices for eight years, covering their largest global territory. During that time he expanded territory sales at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 48%, enlarging their customer base and component usage per customer by building long-term customer relationships, from CEO board members down. He forecasted annual sales with a 90% average accuracy; aided in definition of next-generation products for software defined radio, MEMS-based accelerometers, medical ultrasound chips and seismic amplifier applications. He moved from a sales S03 position to S05 (the maximum) in eighteen months, an achievement others were unable to do after twenty plus years of sales in that company.

Analog Devices hired Kim away from Memec Insight, a semi-conductor focussed distributor. He had been working there for  eight years. The first five years he was a senior applications engineer. For the final three years he took over the role of branch management and sales management. During his tenure there Kim trained sales staff and applications engineering, did branch forecasting, generated and conducted quarterly business reviews. He increased branch sales with a CAGR of 25%, during a time when the global industry was increasing in CAGRs of single digits.

Kim has lived and worked in the semi-conductor industry all of his working life.

He has designed:

  • switching power supplies
  • inverters
  • amplifiers
  • embedded control systems
  • radio transceivers

He has also developed designs in Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) using both Verilog and VHDL

During that period Kim trained customer-based engineers on FPGA implementation using VHDL synthesis and simulation tools.

Kim has a general cross-knowledge of a variety of technologies. He expanded on this knowledge as he repaired UNIX-based computer servers, laser printers, band printers, monitors and networking equipment. He combines his life-long career in the semi-conductor industry along with his passion for science and technology.  As a result, he possesses a comprehensive technical understanding of an extensive variety of systems.