Why TCLA Safety?

The Focus of TCLA Safety is to preserve life and increase living conditions for present and future generations.

Early earthquake warning systems are rapidly becoming the norm for smart business owners, schools, hospitals, and other organizations. Its primary purpose is to save lives, and was created to be a warning system that is affordable and easily maintained.

Presently running for over two years along the west coast of the U.S. and Canada, our intelligent sensor technology is available for industrial, commercial and residential use.

Uncompromised standards drive us.

Internal focus to a variety of NIST standards for Traceability and Calibration (17025) While moving all products to either Sil2 or Sil3 compliance for ultimate reliability.

TCLA Safety focuses on a friendlier future for generations to come. Fire retardant materials, ROHS compliance, safe clean battery technology… It all leads to one thing…

Giving you an edge during disasters, when you need it most.